Why Hire a CPA

Why Hire a CPA

In this video, I will talk to you about why it is important to hire a CPA. With regard to tax preparation, bookkeeping and business consulting, I will explain some of the things that set CPAs apart from the other options; such as, education, knowledge, resources, experience, and trust. 

Previously we talked about how to hire a CPA, but today I'd like to talk to you about why to hire a CPA. I will explain what makes us different from all of the other options out there for tax preparation, business consulting and the like.

You have plenty of options, but you should choose a CPA—here's why:

1.  Education. CPAs are required to attend not only a four-year college and obtain a degree, but also to take additional college courses beyond that. Once they become a CPA and get out in the real world, they are required to take 80 hours of continuing education every two years to stay on top of all the changes in tax law. Importantly, education is something you're going to get with a CPA. You're going to get someone who's on top of it.

2.  Knowledge. CPAs deal with a wide variety of issues both technical and operational in business and with individuals. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who is not a CPA that has that level of experience with those technical issues.

3.  Resources. We as CPAs have access to some of the most detailed and complete information with respect to tax code, court cases, opinions, and memorandums. You name it— we can get it and have access to it; when you hire a CPA, you're hiring their network of resources. Which is especially valuable because you would not be able to get these resources at your corner tax prep shop, online through TurboTax, or some other medium.

4.  Experience with Business. CPAs work with a variety of businesses in every industry imaginable on a regular basis. It's not uncommon for us to start our day working with a car dealership—only to be working with a manufacturer by lunchtime—and then be solving a complicated issue related to a trust in the afternoon. We work with a variety of businesses and have both technical and operational knowledge of those businesses and their process. Again, when you hire a CPA, you're getting access to that experience—experience your business can tap into.

5.  Trust. What's more important than these four items? What sums it all up, Trust. We are your most trusted adviser. We are the person who you can come to, and should come to first, when you have an issue with your business, need advice, or have some dilemma that needs solving. Financial, operational, related to taxes—it doesn't matter. We are your most trusted adviser. Trust is not going to be found by wandering into the corner tax prep shop, or by going online. That is something only a CPA can provide.

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