Video podcasts presented by Mel Sams, Managing Associate at SamsĀ  IV, CPA, P.A., seeks to answer some of your biggest financial questions while guiding you through the solution.

Video Podcasts

Decisions to Make When Starting a New Business

So, you're ready to start your own business? Have you considered all the tax laws?

Business Provisions of New Tax Law

Understanding the Business Provisions of the New Tax Law.

Tax Reform 2018

Understanding the new tax reform laws of 2018.

Why Hire a CPA

Why Hire a CPA covers the reasons for hiring a Certified Public Accountant.

Do You Qualify for the Domestic Production Activities Deduction

The advantages of this little-know tax deduction that Certified Public Accountants have used to save their client money.

How to Choose the Right CPA

How to Choose the Right CPA covers the things you should look for when hiring a Certified Public Accountant.